Learn more about the features which make Tarabiza a breath of fresh air in the restaurant management industry of Saudi Arabia.

Your hospitality tool with best-in-class technology.

Reservation Management.

Make your every reservation an extraordinary experience. Take control of your reservation process and transform it into a revenue-driven system. Allow your guests to book anytime, from anywhere, and using any device. Engage and grow your network with the customized experience that speaks louder.

The robust guest management technology allows you to smartly manage reservations, cancellations, and modifications with fully-configurable tools.

Compare and analyze the booking frequency across various time periods like day, month, or year.

Restaurant Layout Management.

Keep an eye on your floor plan with a flexible table management feature and do not let your guest miss their spots

Manage through the system to review booked tables, adjust the layout or size of the tables, and delegate services and servers accordingly. You may also create multiple layout templates for designated hours.

Guest Management.

Transform your guests handling into ultimate fun. Handle your guest management with these automated features. It allows you to give a clear snapshot of the reservations with the complete details of customers, their preferences, history, important notes, and scheduled events.


Your customers want to speak to you. Allow them to share their post-service and actionable feedback that eventually leads to comprehensive profiles.

Events and Promotions Management.

Make the reservation process much exciting for your guests by showcasing what more you have to offer and what stands out in your tasteful venture.

Inspire them with great ambiance, event setups, free add ons, and some exciting features that could enhance their overall dine-in experience.

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